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Customers are always number one.  This is your day, and you deserve the service to meet your expectations. 

Have something different in mind?  Let us know what you need for your party or reception and we'll do our best to provide it.
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  1. Lighting Options
    Lighting Options
    Uplighting, wash lighting, movers, spots, lasers, derbies, monographs, strobes, atmospherics - - all computer controlled.
  2. Photo Booth
    Photo Booth
    Self-contained units, or a photo booth facilitated by a professional photographer. Both have their advantages, and bothare fun!
  3. Photography
    We offer experienced wedding photographers and variety of photography and videoography packages.
  4. Rentals
    Variety of auxiliary and main sound reinforcement sound systems and mics. Easy setup. We can recommend based on size, people, material, etc.
  5. Professional Transport
    Professional Transport
    Clean professional transport of equipment into and out of the venue.